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We're an award-winning app development agency with a global reach, made in Manchester.

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We are Dreamr.
An award-winning app development agency.

Dreamr believes technology has the power to inspire and enrich lives in a positive and meaningful way; our mission is to create the most innovative and thought-provoking products in the world – and your project is our canvas.

Based in the heart of Manchester, we build applications for mobile, TV, watch, & web – providing solutions for companies of all shapes, sizes, and stages. 

Solutions as unique as our clients

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The appearance of your app is what separates the good apps from the great ones.  We ensure your app will stand out with brilliant designs and UX/UI that will set you apart from competitors. 


We pride ourselves on unparalleled mobile app development capabilities.  Our internal knowledge base means your app will always be built with reliability in mind and utilizing the very latest technologies. 


Launching a marketing campaign to promote your new app is essential to drive downloads and build a user base. Our marketing team will work with you to provide a suitable strategy, launch the campaign and report on return.


Regular scrutiny of the analytics – downloads, engagement and usage – is crucial to the success of your app. Being able to assess performance and adapt accordingly will ensure users have the best possible experience, increasing profitability.

The final app is phenomenal and exceeded all my expectations. Everyone has said how fantastic the app looks and feels and we're so proud of the final project.

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