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Dreamr is a multi-award-winning app development agency that creates immersive experiences for mobile, web, TV and watch.

Dreamr has created us a reliable, great-looking iPhone and Android app that 30,000 of our university students can use to find their future career.

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iPhone & Android



We are Dreamr -
a multi award-winning
app development agency

Dreamr believes technology has the power to inspire and enrich lives in a positive and meaningful way; our mission is to create the most innovative and thought-provoking products in the world – and your project is our canvas.

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We build applications for Phone, TV, Watch, & Web – providing solutions for companies of all shapes, sizes, and stages.
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We pride ourselves on unparalleled mobile app development capabilities.  Our internal knowledge base means your app will always be built with reliability in mind and utilizing the very latest technologies. 


The appearance of your app is what separates the good app’s from the great ones.  We ensure your app will stand out with world-class designs and UX/UI that will set you apart from competitors. 


From growing your user base to creation and push of your messaging, our marketing team offers an A-Z solution for all your app needs. 


Our track record of past successes gives us unique insight into identifying and complimenting your build, launch, or promotion strategy.


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