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5 Reasons Why Digital Marketing Is Important For Your Business

By 21st November 2018 No Comments

It’s estimated that in 2018 there are over 4 billion people using the internet. That’s a lot of people who could possibly come across your business if you partake in digital marketing. More people read the news and watch tv online now over more traditional methods. Therefore it makes sense that digital marketing is the way forward. Most companies nowadays have transitioned into digital marketing and left behind more traditional methods such as print as they know it’s the most effective way to capture a growing and very lucrative marketplace.

The internet is a powerful and influential place when it comes to people that could become your consumers so it’s a good idea to target them in the right way and have an effective marketing strategy in place to track traffic to your website and convert them to leads! So why is investing in a digital marketing strategy so effective?

1. Digital Marketing is Cost Effective

In relation to more traditional methods of marketing, digital marketing is relatively cost effective! Overall, digital marketers get better cost per lead than that of traditional marketing. Digital marketing can also reach far more people through social media. Small businesses don’t want to spend thousands on an extensive marketing campaign. With just a few hundred pounds they can successfully start blogging and reaching out to people on social media. They can even start using Google and Facebook Ads. Some marketing can even be done for free, such as SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and organic social media posts if you are willing to invest the time and effort.

2. It's Easier!

Internet marketing is so much easier than traditional marketing. If something is printed incorrectly, there’s no correcting it unless you want to start again from the beginning. It’s much easier to amend things digitally. Things can be replaced and repeated and there is a lot less effort involved when it comes to getting your marketing finalised and approved. Another example is online ads such as Facebook. They can be stopped or amended at any time, whereas if your ad is running on TV, it’s a much more complicated process to stop it, let alone change it.

3. It allows you to engage with your audience

Interactivity is a big part of online marketing. Something that isn’t really an option when it comes to traditional marketing. Digital marketing is great at getting real time interactions and opinions from your audience, so you can get answers quicker and make amendments. Digital content can be shared on social media, driving traffic to your website, and promoting conversation with your audience in the comments.

4. It’s measurable and provides great insight into your data

Digital marketing provides a platform to really understand the inner workings of your marketing. With tools such as Google Analytics you can track your data. This will help you better understand your brands performance and see how many people followed through to your website. Facebook and Instagram Insights are another example. These will allow you to see how many users engaged with your social media posts and show conversation rates.

5. Digital Marketing is more trustworthy

People trust something they see being shared by their friends on social media over a leaflet posted through their door with no idea where it came from. As digital marketing is influenced by online trends and social media it becomes a lot more personalised. People can view reviews from friends that they trust, see shared posts and testimonials from real life customers. Digital marketing is a great way to reach lots of people and be seen, but also a great way to build a reliable audience. The more people see your brand pop up on their Facebook feed, the more likely they are to trust you and therefore engage.

The world of digital marketing has been gaining momentum over the past few years and it is still growing at a fast pace. Becoming the fastest growing market in the world. As well as all the above, digital marketing offers a huge return on investment and offers continued opportunities to do so. If you haven’t already considered a digital marketing strategy for your business, now is the time!

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