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A New Challenge Awaits

By 24th April 2018 No Comments

After several years of hard work researching the atmosphere of Mars at a variety of top-tier UK Universities, I started to feel like something was missing. Sure, science is exciting, but it can also be slow, and reliant on ageing technologies.

For those who know me, it is no secret that I am really into my technology. Whether that’s having my own work-in-progress cinema room, experiencing virtual worlds in the VR, or getting into the nitty-gritty of how the development of machine learning will be a major factor of augmenting the digital world with our physical world.

So, armed with the skills earned through a PhD in Physics, which naturally includes a fair share of software development and data analysis, I set off to seek out a new challenge in the private sector that would enable me to develop innovative experiences with cutting-edge technologies. This is where Dreamr comes in!

So one winter’s day I stumble across an advert by a small software development company based in the heart of Manchester looking for iOS developers at all stages. Whilst I hadn’t had much experience in Apple’s Swift programming language (used in iOS app development), I did have several years of experience in several other languages (incl. Python). Additionally, through my naturally inquisitive nature I had also started taking online e-learning courses in app development with Swift. I won’t go into the “how” here (watch out for a future post!), but after speaking to Dreamr on the phone about my application and coming in for a meet-up, I was soon offered a position as a Trainee iOS developer where I have been since mid-March.


I am now in the midst of training to become an expert iOS developer who will be creating innovative experiences that will be enjoyed by users all over the world. What I love about Dreamr is the inspiring team, or rather family, really values providing the opportunity for self-development in both a technical, and a personal sense by giving us ample opportunity to give back to the community.

I can’t wait to see where this new challenge takes me, and I look forward to updating you all on my journey.

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