App Analytics


App Analytics

Once your app has launched, it’s essential to monitor the performance through the Dreamr App Analytics Platform.

It’ll allow you to understand user data such as downloads, sessions and session duration. This can help you gather invaluable insights into your users’ engagement on your app, and generate powerful reports that can show user trends and inform your app’s strategy.

Detailed Analysis

Find out much more about your customers.

The App Analytics Platform will give you a full breakdown of your new downloads; including geography, operating system and device.
Engagement statistics will give you invaluable insights into session duration, time of day and sessions per day, meaning you can create an informed push notification and marketing strategy.

Acquisition and Retention

Learn about new installs and customer behaviour.

Easily measure new installs, subscribers to push notifications and customer retention with the App Analytics Platform.
Learn about where your new customers come from, and whether they keep your app downloaded on their device. Dig in to the data and find out why with a powerful reporting platform.

Crash Reporting

The Dreamr App Analytics Portal will also notify you of any crashes. Ensure user experience is the best it can be.

The crash reporting system can inform you of any particular devices or operating systems where the app may have an issue. This means you can also prioritise fixes based upon the percentages of occurrences compared with the total installs. The crash reporting system is configurable with Slack, Jira and Trello to fit seamlessly into your process.