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What is App Design?

App design accounts for the steps between your idea and the actual development of your new app.

From research to prototype, and everything in between, the app design process brings the look and feel of your project to life. Incorporating UX, UI, user journeys and personas, it’s much more than the visual elements. It’s also about research into the users who will eventually be using your app, how they will use it and what they will be using it for. We do this so that we ensure we create an app which has the best end user experience.

The app design process is, of course, also about the actual design; wireframes followed by visual language, branded elements and resulting in a prototype.

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Getting to Know the Users

Before any digital work begins, we'll work together to create user personas. Who are your users? Are they digital natives? Will they know how to use digital applications?

Then we’ll map out an intuitive user journey ensuring we always have the end user in mind with the user personas we’ve created. This is to ensure that the flow of your app is suitable for its intended audience.


After we're confident we know what your users will need from your app, we'll start to map out the user journey to screens. This is like a storyboard, it'll show each screen a user will see but without the visual detail.

This is to ensure that the functionality will be logical and as intuitive as possible.
This’ll give you a great idea of how navigating through your app will feel.

User Interface and Visual Language

This is the point where app design looks more like 'design'. Our designers will take on-board your brand identity and offer advice on how it may translate into an app. If necessary, we will support in creating further brand assets if needed.

We'll then create a prototype from the wireframes, and incorporate the brand colours, visual language and brand identity. Using an interactive design programme, you'll have the ability to navigate through the branded screens, ensuring it is the look and feel you were hoping for.

User Testing and Signing Off

Once you are happy with the prototype, we'll open the app designs up to users who are of the target audience, these people will scrutinise the experience and interface to offer feedback on the project. Once the feedback has been taken on-board, and amendments made, the designs are ready for sign off by you. Then, we will move on to the development phase.

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Prototypes for Investment

If you have a new great idea for an app, but you don’t quite have the funds to develop it fully, a great project is to design a prototype to aid you in your pitch for investment.

Potential investors would want to see how an app will look and feel, and designing a prototype app shows that you’ve thought about brand, UX/UI, revenue streams and more.

Alongside a business plan and pitch deck, a prototype is a highly influential asset that can show an investor that you are both serious and have more than just an idea. It demonstrates that you have a genuine business with a thought out product.

Our Dreamr Ventures investment arm looks for these qualities when considering potential investments.

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