Android App Development

At Dreamr, our apps are specific to an operating system; either iOS or Android. We develop native apps because we believe that your end-user will benefit from a better user-experience and improved app performance.

Creating apps that are specific to an operating system means that we can incorporate built-in features to improve functionality, speed and security. Data from native apps is stored locally on the users device, allowing it to be used offline, uploading content to clients’ servers when an internet connection is available.

You may already know which platform will be most suited to your requirements. For example, an enterprise client looking for an app to streamline their sales process may have already rolled-out Android-based tablets to each of their in-field sales reps.

Collaboration is key

The first part of our agile design process involves an interactive session with our cross-functional design and development team. This is where we’ll outline your objectives, get a feel for your target audience and establish key features for your app. Having representatives from your team working alongside our marketing, design and coding experts, together in one room (or one video conference) means that we can identify goals and KPIs for the project quickly and effectively.

Secure by design

Having plenty of input from our clients throughout the design and development stage means that we can ensure that, when it comes to launch, you’re happy with the overall user-experience (UX). Using an agile, iterative process to develop your app allows us to regularly test how well the app performs in terms of speed and processing.

We also incorporate app security testing into each sprint so that we can eliminate as many threats as possible. We thoroughly test the app with dummy input to account for all possible inputs and plug any gaps in the software. This also helps to ensure that the app will function properly when it comes to deployment.

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Why choose Android for your app development?

Globally, Android have the highest market share of all available mobile operating systems. However, in the UK it’s a close call between Android and iOS, as they’re continuously battling it out at the top to become the consumers’ favourite.

Once launched, Android apps are available to download from the Google Play Store, where membership and app approval is generally quicker and easier compared to the Apple App Store. You will have to consider the target market for your app, and decide whether iOS or Android would better suit your customer demographics. Chat to our app marketing advisors to get a feel for what might work best for your app.

A lot of the decision-making involved in choosing an operating system for you app comes down to personal preference. There are advantages and disadvantages to both, but our team of programmers are fluent in the most popular coding languages. When you’ve decided to go for either Android or iOS, you’ll be allocated an expert in that field.

The process

01. Research

We brainstorm together with clients, encouraging them to get creative so we can generate the best possible user experience (UX) from your app. Our experts are knowledgeable, professional and approachable and we aim to create an environment where you feel you can express your ideas and have our team fully understand what you’re trying to achieve.

02. Design

We go on to produce an interactive prototype. At this stage, we’ll be able to carry out small-scale usability testing and you can get a feel for overall functionality. We can work with you to arrange focus groups at this stage, before the more in-depth app development gets underway.

03. Develop

At the end of each sprint, we aim to have a minimum viable product (MVP) that can be launched as an initial offering to gain user feedback. This approach gives us a lot of flexibility in the longer-term app development process; we can analyse user behaviour and add or remove features for the next sprint.