App Marketing

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Marketing an App

Over the past few years, we’ve been working with a variety of different clients, creating both consumer-focused and internal enterprise apps. The overwhelming majority have requested support for marketing their app. Therefore, we’ve adapted our services offerings to include app marketing. We’ll help create a buzz around your project and, most importantly, build a great user base.

Our marketing team has experience building marketing campaigns for your app that combines SEO, paid search, social media, PR and offline strategies. This maximises exposure to your target audience and increases downloads.

By using a robust reporting system, we can inform our clients of what’s working, and track conversions to show return on investment.

Our App Marketing Services

We use two methods for our app marketing clients: a retainer model and a campaign model. This is to offer our clients both flexibility and reliability in our marketing services.

These two options aren’t mutually exclusive, clients often opt to have a retainer to manage their earned marketing (including social media, website management and content plan), and set campaigns to have a push of activity over key tactical dates (such as your app launch or Christmas). This method means your organic marketing is managed (SEO, social media, website), and your paid activity is managed separately to accurately measure ROI.

The Retainer Model

The retainer model is a monthly commitment to marketing your app. We’ll agree a certain number of hours to create engaging content, manage social media profiles and optismise your website.

With a clear marketing and content plan we can ensure your app is optimised for search engines, has a great audience on social and generates regular downloads.

If your app is part of your new business, we will often use the first month to help with setup of your marketing channels, such as social profiles, your website, visual assets, email marketing and a content strategy.

The Campaign Model

This method of marketing your app is great for seasonal campaigns, pre-launch buzz or post-launch downloads. The campaign model works by agreeing a budget and objective with you, then we go away and devise a media plan.

The plan will outline the channels we will use and why, with targets, benchmarks and all the stats. This method will often use paid advertising channels and as it works on a total budget it is easier to measure ROI during and after the campaign.

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During the App Design Process

Before your app is launched, we’ll come up with a marketing strategy to create a buzz around your new product. We can start publicising your app through a website landing page, social media channels and email campaigns before your app is even available to download.

When we know when your app will be ready to launch, we can produce press releases and a selection of promotional images. These can be sent to various media outlets, announcing your app launch date and key features of your app to target a wide audience.

Launching in the App Store or Play Store

At Dreamr, we have an in-house team who specialise in App Store Optimisation (ASO). They’re experienced in keyword research and optimising content for search terms, which will improve search rankings and visibility. Our design team will also work on the visual aspect of your App Store experience to ensure that screenshots and imagery from your app entices potential customers. We can also produce video material to include in your App Store page, which is an increasingly useful tool to promote downloads.

Post-Launch Support

When launched, we encourage you to run an initial app marketing campaign; a focussed effort to promote downloads within the first few days. This usually compromises app store ads, Google ads, paid social media campaigns and a selection of press releases.

There are a variety of tools we recommend for expanding the reach of your app, promoting downloads and increasing engagement. Our marketing team will devise a longer-term strategy to cover a range of marketing options such as social media marketing, PPC, content and offline media.