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Apple making AR a feature for the mainstream user

By 14th September 2018 No Comments

This week Apple finally unveiled the iPhone XS iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR. As well as already being the most expensive selection of phones in the world, Apple’s new products feature immersive new AR experiences with iOS 12 (which will be available next week).

A12 Bionic Chip

The key to powering these AR features is the A12 Bionic chip. The A12 is the world’s first 7 nanometer chip. Apple have claimed that the chip is ‘the smartest and most powerful chip ever in a smartphone’. The chip has a six-core central processing unit (CPU), and a four-core graphics processing unit (GPU). It also has an updated Neural Engine that will make processing speeds 9X faster. This was designed with the view to handling complex AI and AR tasks. Last year’s chip featured a two core Neural Engine, this year’s features eight cores. This means the new devices have the capabilities to feature the Apple ARKit (announced to feature on iOS 12 earlier this year).

The ARKit 2

ARKit 2 has a lot to offer. It features improved face tracking, better 3D objection detection, and puts emphasis on gaming with the multiplayer feature.

The ARKit 2 gives developers the tools to create AR experiences that change the way iOS users see the real world. For example, it allows for multiple users to collaborate and play games via AR. The ARKit 2 also changes the way users will experience and engage with AR. By creating opportunities for users to incorporate AR into everyday life in a fun and productive way.

One of the most innovative features of the ARKit 2 is the improved image detection. Users can now apply reflections of the real world into AR on their devices, making AR more relatable and realistic. The new ‘Measure’ feature assists with this. It allows AR to gauge the size of the objects and provide accurate dimensional measures to real life objects around the home such as picture frames and TV’s.

With the introduction of these AR features, Apple is striving to make AR a feature of our everyday lives. Users will be able to experience machine learning and AR like never before. Thanks to the A12 chip, this can be done with faster processing speeds and reduced power consumption, meaning the new iPhone models are fully prepared to immerse their users into the world of AR.

The Apple iPhone XR