Bearded Fellows

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Bearded Fellows have the belief that ‘no idea is a bad idea’, Bearded Fellows are a group of creatives that breathe life into a concept simply by using animation, video and sound. They are simultaneously the storyteller and the audience, and their ability to cultivate an idea and turn it into content that people love to watch is second to none.

At Dreamr, we are delighted to collaborate with our trusted partners, Bearded Fellows, whose base is just down the road from us here in city centre Manchester.

A passion for making amazing work, and for putting people at the heart of the business are values we undoubtedly uphold, and we recognised that these are values we share with this super-creative bunch of bearded guys as soon as we met them. With positive energy and personal warmth in abundance, we just “get”each other.

Bearded Fellows are award-winning producers of video and animated content. Bearded Fellows offer four main services; video, animation, illustration and creative education. They are a professional video and animation studio, and their creations get to the heart of what your business is about and display it in a striking and unforgettable manner.

Bearded Fellows are masters of conveying key messages through these visual mediums. They also provide creative education and Art Award accreditation for young people, as they are passionate about inspiring the next generation to think and express themselves creatively.

Do you have an idea for a cool video? Get in touch with the Bearded Fellows. Their passion for what they create shines through in every project. This is why we love working with all the Bearded Fellows team.
+44 750 625 9933