Personal Development

Every Wednesday afternoon is spent learning new skills, or improving existing ones. You’ll meet regularly with Dreamr’s Head of Culture to work on your bespoke professional development plan.

Pledge 10%

Dreamr pledges to give you at least 10% of your time to spend on non work-related stuff. This includes volunteering activities, and working on your own development, in a way best suited to you.

Flexible Working

You can start at any time you like, between 8am and 10am. On Fridays, you’re free to leave super-early to start your weekend, or enjoy relaxing a while with your team-mates here at Dreamr.

Courses & Conferences

We allocate everybody a budget to attend training courses and conferences. We want to take every possible chance to develop as a Dreamr, and keep up to date with the latest cutting edge tech.

Cycle & Laptop Scheme

Having great kit might be your thing? So we offer a scheme to help you buy what you want at a great price and spread the payments over a manageable period of time. It’s really easy to arrange.

Social & Team Days

Monthly Dreamr Social is the chance to celebrate our employee of the month, and relax with the team. We have regular team-building days, when you’ll have fun bonding with your fellow Dreamrs.

iOS Developer


Android Developer

Marketing Manager

Ed – Lead Web Developer

“Working at Dreamr is good because we are always looking for new and improved ways to approach development. This means we as a development team are able to guide the direction we take and everyone gets their say. It also helps that the working environment is exactly what you need to encourage creativity and not a just grey box.”

Alba – Project Leader

“Every day is a challenge and filled with lots of client meetings, but we always love coming back to our new office as it feels like home. Dreamr is like being with family; it doesn’t ever feel like work.”

We’re always looking for great talent