Christmas At Dreamr

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I like to make sure that Christmas at Dreamr is extra special. With Christmas being a time of year to spend with friends and family, I like to incorporate the Christmas spirit into the office as much as possible. I think it’s good for the team to feel like Christmas is not only at home, but also in work.

As a team we take part in a lot of the traditional office festivities such as secret Santa and the Christmas party. However, there’s lots of other things that I think are important, and that help to bring the team together at Christmas.

The Dreamr Awards 2018

One of the most important things I look forward to doing at the end of every year is the Dreamr Awards. This year’s awards were the best so far. With this being my first year as CEO, and considering the teams hard work this year, it was important to me to show recognition to every Dreamr for their efforts. If you have already read the previous blog about the awards, then you will know we had awards to give away for various categories. The end of the year Christmas period is a good time to celebrate our achievements. I feel it helps the team get off to a good start for the new year and promotes team bonding before we all break up for Christmas.

Celebrating with the team at the Dreamr Awards

Get involved with Christmas Jumper Day

Something else that I think is important this time of year, is to give back to the community. In lots of offices around the country, Christmas jumpers are worn in December and funds are raised for charity. However, for our Christmas Jumper day, I wanted the team to raise money for a cause close to our hearts. That’s why for every Christmas jumper that was worn in the office, a donation was made to Pledge. As important as it is to raise money for charities throughout the country, I think it’s extra special to help a charity from your own city.

The Christmas party

I love spending quality time with my team and Christmas is the perfect opportunity to do just that. The Christmas party is not just another Dreamr social event. It’s a great chance to bond with the team and let our hair down.

This year our Christmas party was on another level. The organisers at Manchester Central and Vivid Experience really made the event special. With waterfalls, dancers and an incredible Amazonian backdrop, it really set the scene for a fantastic Christmas party. It’s an opportunity for the Dreamr team to dress up and see each other in a different environment.

With all the team together and socialising, it allows team members from different areas of the business to get to know each other even better. Something which I think is so important and that I’ve stressed before. The team being a close family is so important to us at Dreamr. I want the team to look forward to seeing each other every day and form genuine friendships during their time at Dreamr.

Enjoying dinner with Joe at the Christmas Party

Offering flexibility

Flexible working is something that everyone at Dreamr really appreciates. Therefore, I wanted to offer the team even more flexibility over the festive period. This included hours around the time of the Christmas party and over Christmas itself. The WeWork building we are based in is open every day of the year so there is nothing stopping the team coming in to work on Christmas day if they wish!

Everyone’s situation is different. With lots of our team members from different areas of the world, it can be tricky to get flights and see family during the busy times in December. That’s why I think offering flexible working at this time of year is very important. Everyone’s situation is different and I want the team to know that Dreamr fully recognises that and offers a solution.

With this week being the last that the office is open before we head into 2019, I’m proud that I can look back on a successful year full of friendship, success, and growth. January will mark a one year for me as CEO, and I can’t wait to update you next month on what has changed since I took on the challenge. Until then, have a great Christmas and we will see you all in the new year!

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