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The Dreamr Awards 2018

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To mark the end of a fantastic year for Dreamr, we held the Dreamr Awards on Thursday 13th December (the same day as our Christmas party). The Dreamr awards this year were bigger and better than ever. Partly due to terrific planning from Lynne and Layla, but mostly because our team has grown this year and welcomed amazing new members to Dreamr, who have completed some outstanding work and really made Dreamr grow into the family it is today.

There were numerous awards to give away. Some serious and some… not so serious, like Best Doggo. Every team member has contributed tremendously to the success of Dreamr this year, so we really wanted to make sure everyone got the recognition they deserve. The dress code for the awards was smart, and all Dreamr’s were required to arrive promptly for a 4pm start. With Dreamr branded balloons displayed outside the entrance and fairly lights lighting up the awards room, the Dreamr team were eager to grab a drink of prosecco and take a seat for the awards.

Web Developer of the Year

Matthew wins Web Developer of the Year

Our team of web developers has grown this year and we now have a team who are not only talented and experienced, but also great people and genuine friends. Web Developer of the Year was a tough category. Montri, Ste, Mark and Matthew were all eligible for the win, however Matthew took the crown!

Matthew started at Dreamr fresh from Code Nation as a Junior in his field. However, Matthew is learning quickly and continually amazes the more experienced developers with his skills and passion for cyber security, web development and his job at Dreamr. It was a deserved win for Matthew among a talented and experienced team.

iOS Developer of the Year

The best iOS Developer award was a tricky one. Our iOS team has grown this year and Mitch, Joe and Ben all deserve commendation for their efforts. Mitch has made fantastic progress as our Junior iOS Developer, and Joe and Ben have both done amazing work this year. However, there could only be one winner!

Joe took the prize. He displays amazing talent when it comes to iOS and applies his skill and knowledge to all our projects. Well done Joe!

iOS Developer of the Year – Joe

Android Developer of the Year

Fab celebrates his Android win alongside Matt

As with the best iOS Developer award, this one was also a close call. Fab, Rodrigo, and Ricardo were all in the running and every single one of them has been an important part of Dreamr in 2018. Hailing from all different areas of the world (Italy, Brazil, and Portugal), our Android Developers make us laugh daily and bring genuine diversity and talent to our team.

The overall winner was Fab! Fab has been a crucial part of our Android team this year. He brings years of experience to Dreamr and not only knows Android inside and out, but he also knows Swift for iOS! Fab is always at the heart of discussions at Dreamr, keen to get involved with any activity, he’s always working hard and always there when you need someone to talk to. A worthy winner.

Creative of the Year

With the technical side of things being very much at the heart of Dreamr, sometimes the creatives can be forgotten! However, the amount of creativity that goes into Dreamr’s work is undeniable. From content to UX design, Dreamr wouldn’t be the business it is without the creativity of our team members. Shortlisted for the award were Layla, Sean and Matt. Matt and Layla work creatively on the marketing to make sure Dreamr and its clients have engaging content and marketing. UX designer, Sean, creates amazing work for our Dreamr projects, ensuring the look and feel of the products we create is perfect.

Sean celebrates his creative win with Lynne

Sean won Creative of the Year. His talents as a UX Designer constantly amaze the Dreamr team and Sean has worked extra hard recently to make sure everything is up to scratch.

Best Dreamr in a Supporting Role

Joe celebrates his second win – Dreamr in a Supporting Role!

This was an award for the team member who isn’t always at the centre of Dreamr but puts their heart and soul into not only their job, but also does their best to support others. The shortlisted three were Kirsty, Joe, and Layla. All three have offered a lot to Dreamr this year, supporting other members and doing their best for the team. However, Joe took the prize!

Joe has consistently worked hard this year, going to great lengths to support the iOS team and Dreamr on a greater scale, putting his heart and soul into projects and going above and beyond to make sure things are completed! Well done Joe!

Troubleshooter of the Year

Someone who is always willing to help solve problems is a great attribute for a Dreamr to have. This can be solving technical problems, or anything on the client side. Kirsty, Joe and Phill made the top 3 with Phill being named the winner!

As Head of Development, Phill is always involved in helping the other Dreamrs. However, Phill doesn’t just help when necessary, he goes to great lengths to make sure members of his team are ok and is more than willing to help them with any issues that arise. Phill deserved the trouble-shooter award!

Phill wins Troubleshooter of the Year

Best Dreamr Client Side

Matt, proud with his Client Side win

With most of the awards celebrating the technical efforts of our team, we felt the need to commend the team member who goes beyond to make sure our clients are happy. With Phill, Matt and Kirsty all shortlisted in the top 3 it was a close call to guess who would win.

However, with his efforts over the past year, Matt won the award. As Commercial Manager, Matt regularly liaises with clients and it’s safe to say they love him! Matt is great at bridging the gap between potential clients and developers and explains everything clearly to both sides. With his approachability to clients, Matt has helped secure new clients and helped support existing ones. Well done Matt!

Team Player of the Year

At Dreamr, it’s important for team members to want to get involved with Dreamr activities. A Dreamr who is willing to throw themselves into anything and support the team and the Dreamr brand is hugely important and a trait that we admire. The top 3 team players were Sean, Phill and Layla.

Sean is always involved with anything Dreamr, and in the past has organised team building activities and charity events. Layla has been out and about with clients representing Dreamr and planning Dreamr socials, and Phill helps to bridge the gap between developers, the SMT and clients.

Phill celebrates another win alongside Fab and Ben

With all three as worthy winners, it was Phill who was awarded team player of the year! Phill is an all-round amazing asset who gives his all to Dreamr, his team and the wider company. He is the ultimate team player!

Award for Professional Development

Ben wins the Professional Development Award

Professional development is something that is close to our hearts. So much so, that we dedicate every last Friday of the month for team members to work on their professional development. With this in mind, we wanted to give recognition to the Dreamr who has come on in leaps and bounds whilst at Dreamr. The top 3 were Matthew, Mitch and Ben. With Mitch and Matthew starting recently as juniors, both are rapidly becoming very accomplished developers, learning quickly and growing.

iOS developer, Ben, won! Ben had a stark career change before joining Dreamr, leaving the world of academia, and learnt Swift, quickly becoming an iOS Developer and valuable asset to the Dreamr team. Ben’s progress can only continue to grow, and we look forward to how he develops his skills even further in the future!

Best Sense of Humour

The sense of humour award was one that was much sought-after. There is nothing better than having someone in the office who makes the team smile and laugh daily. The top 3 Dreamr’s in this category were Matt, Fab and Mark. All three are guilty of constantly making the team laugh and smile, but it was Mark who won and makes us all happy to come into work everyday!

Mark is always willing to get involved with any activity, making jokes and making us all laugh both at work and at Dreamr socials! A Dreamr with a great sense of humour and a big heart, Mark was a worthy winner!

Mark celebrates with the rest of the Web Development team

Dreamr of the Year

We saved the best until last. Dreamr of the Year should not only be great at their job, but someone who is kind, goes to great lengths to help others, and reflects the Dreamr brand. It was down to Lynne and Jack to decide the worthy winner, it was anyone’s game for this award, but it was a joint win for Matt and Phill!

Matt has worked endlessly this year on the brand refresh for Dreamr. He has also worked hard to secure new clients for Dreamr, expanding the marketing offering and being a logical, insightful and crucial member of the SMT.

Phill has been at the core of Dreamr since he first started. Successfully managing a growing team of Android, iOS and Web Developers as well as the design team from the start. Phill works equally well with clients as he does the technical team and communicates messages fantastically between the team. Phill has guided his team exceptionally well through the transition to Agile this year and he is a vital member of the team.

Both Matt and Phill reflect the values of Dreamr. Hard working, kind, knowledgeable and helpful. Their efforts with clients and the team alike contributed to their joint win. With a proud smile, last year’s worthy winner Kirsty handed over the Dreamr of the Year award! Well done to Matt and Phill, we can’t wait until next year!

Other Award Winners

Best Dreamr in the Community – Sean

Best Hair – Joe

Fashionista of the Year – Sean and Fab

Best Doggo – JJ

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