What Is It Like To Be Head Of Development At Dreamr?

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I’ve been working in web development for over ten years. However, my first few months at Dreamr as Head of Development have been amazing and challenging, to say the least. I quickly realised that Dreamr was going to be a different experience to any of my previous roles. Even though my job role was the same, the environment at Dreamr seemed incredibly capable, modern and keen. With that in mind, I was keen to take leadership and implement best practices for Dreamr.

It is my job to oversee the development and design teams and make sure everything is running smoothly. My main goal is to build fantastic relationships and produce successful products.

Challenges I've Faced

Working at Dreamr is the first time I’ve worked for a company that develops native mobile apps. The previous companies I’ve worked with have been solely web development based. I initially thought this would be a challenge for me. I understand both frontend and backend development. However, I would love to further my knowledge when it comes to both iOS and Android. I have taken it upon myself to learn more about both of these, as it’s my job to oversee both the Android and iOS developers, I would love to maximise my knowledge so I can support my iOS and Android developers the best I can.

Assisting in Hiring New Members

One of my main roles is hiring new talent. Adding new members is essential for Dreamr to grow, and to do that we need to hire some amazing people to bring a fresh perspective and further experience to the team.

The morals and values that Dreamr upholds means an awful lot to the company, so it’s highly important to us to find team members who demonstrate these. Building a team is always going to be a challenging process, especially as we are looking to grow a team of the most talented developers in Manchester. Dreamr is such a tight knit team so it’s essential to think ahead. Anticipating how the team will grow and evaluating how introducing new people will work. A good example of this is when we decided to add Fabrizio to the Dreamr team.

There are 3 questions I ask myself when looking for new Dreamrs.

 ‘Is this person a problem solver?’

‘Is this person technically capable?’

‘Would this person fit well with our existing team?’

With all these in mind, I assisted in hiring Fabrizio as our Android developer. This was certainly a highlight of mine over the past few months. Fabrizio represented everything we looked for in Dreamr and demonstrated a lot of the Dreamr core values. Fabrizio is a hard worker, knowledgeable and I had a good feeling that he would fit in with the team. Fast forward a few months and Fab has settled in fabulously and is doing a great job!

Clients and Meetings

When I’m not developing, a lot of my time is spent with clients. I really enjoy meeting clients and discussing their projects. It’s important for me to be there to understand the requirements of the project and the problems the client is looking to solve. Bringing the two together and providing information on both parts. Whilst Kirsty also handles a lot on the client side of things, we make a good team together. With me bringing tech experience into meetings and projects going forward, the development team and I work together to understand the requirements of the project and the problems the client is looking to solve.

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