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How much does it cost to maintain an app?

By 28th January 2019 No Comments

You’ve convinced your business partners and fellow bosses that getting an app developed will be good for business. You’ve spent many months waiting for your app to be built. Finally, it’s released. However, you soon realise that you will now have to spend more money on app maintenance. But why? Basically, repairs are always going to be needed when it comes to apps. Apps need upgrades and bug fixes and it can’t be done for free. It’s a good idea to have an ongoing monthly plan in place to make sure your app is up to scratch. But what sort of things will need maintaining? And how much can you expect to spend?

How much should I expect to pay for app maintenance?

How much you will spend on maintenance depends on how much it cost to build in the first place. If your initial cost to build your app was £100,000, you can expect to pay approximately 20% of that for yearly maintenance. So, your yearly maintenance would be around £20,000.


Hosting an app will also incur costs

Your app will most likely use a server to host the apps database, and things such as images and videos. Hosting these in a cloud-based solution means that app owners will have to pay monthly for these services. Cost will depend on how big your user base is and the complexity of your app’s features. For instance, if it requires video streaming then the cost to host your app will rise.


Something that is quite often overlooked is app marketing. If you don’t market your product once it has been published then how will people know to download it? Sometimes people don’t understand the sheer amount of marketing that is necessary for an app to succeed. For it to flourish it will need a marketing plan. Marketing spend varies greatly. However, it is important to take part in it to make people aware of your product. Marketing for apps can comprise of anything from content creation, to social media management and ads. Experienced software marketing teams will be able to cater marketing to your audience and execute your marketing plan.

Ongoing bug fixes and new features

No matter how good the developers are that built your app, you will always encounter bugs that need fixing once your MVP has been deployed. Once your app has reached the app store, users will review your app and they won’t hold back. They will tell you what features need adding and what isn’t working. Developers can use this information to make changes to your product, which will, of course, mean spending money.

Additionally, apps should have crash reporting which can tell you what needs fixing.

Apps will always require ongoing maintenance 

Engaging with your users

Perhaps one feature of app maintenance that won’t incur huge costs is your activeness on when it comes to responding to customers on the app store. Replying to customers reviews and comments (good and bad) can have a profound effect on the popularity of your app. Responding to a negative customer review can even turn it around and you could end up winning the user over.


In general, maintenance of your application is just as, if not more, important than the launch. If it isn’t regularly maintained it will fall into disrepair. Proper bug fixes, upgrades, and improvements are a must to develop user loyalty. In general, end users appreciate even the most minor enhancements. Even the smallest wins show users you care about their feedback, building faith that you will continue to do so.  By building in a maintenance plan early in the process and prioritising updates afterward, you can keep your maintenance costs downs and your customers happy.