IP Expo Manchester 2019

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The IP expo is held every year, with one event in Manchester and a sister event in London later in the year. It’s an opportunity for people in the north of the UK to see demos of the latest IT innovations that can drive their business forward. With talks from industry experts and seminars about everything ranging from cyber security, cloud and infrastructure, AI and software development, we had a lot to see on the day. I went along to get some awesome content and images of the day with our iOS developer, Mitch. And Mark, one of our web developers.

Cambridge Analytica, Trend Forecasting and Data Protection

Mark and Mitch ready for the Cambridge Analytica chat

With the first talk expected to be popular and starting promptly at 9:30am, we made our way to the Keynote theatre to guarantee we got some seats. We were looking forward to the first talk from Christopher Wylie – the former Cambridge Analytica employee. Christopher talked about how data is collected, examined and distributed, where he sees the future of AI going and of course shed light on the Facebook – Cambridge Analytica data scandal in 2018. In which it was revealed Cambridge Analytica gathered the personal information of millions of peoples Facebook profiles and used it for political purposes. He also mentioned how he is still banned from Facebook, yet there are millions of other harmful people and content circulating on the platform. Christopher made AI and data protection compelling and interesting, successfully engaging the whole audience.

Cadbury’s Crème Egg Catch

Mark, Mitch and myself attempted to win Cadbury’s Creme Eggs

With a gap in between the talks we wanted to see, I managed to drag Mark and Mitch over to the Sophos stand, where they persuaded us to take part in a game to win some Cadbury’s cream eggs (why not!). The aim was for all 3 of us stand in a wind tunnel for 30 seconds, and try and catch blue and yellow balls, with each ball caught contributing to winning a cream egg. We managed to catch a few, meaning we each won a delicious Cadbury’s cream egg, success!

Devops and Development Tools

Susan Duncan gave a great talk on Agile and DevOps

We then headed over to the Developer theatre where Susan Duncan; the Senior Principal Product Manager from Oracle was giving a talk on Devops and Developer tools. As we made the switch to be fully Agile last year, we thought this talk would provide some insight into how other Agile teams work. In the quick 30-minute presentation, we saw how development teams can improve their delivery speed and product quality with Agile methodology.

AI for All

Chris Testa – O’Neill spoke about the future of Microsoft AI

The last talk that we attended was ‘AI for All’ from Chris Testa- O’Neill, an Applied Data Scientist from Microsoft.  With this talk also in the Keynote theatre, it was expected to be a busy one. Microsoft brought out some new AI software recently and Chris highlighted how AI isn’t just for data scientists anymore. It’s rapidly becoming a software that is accessible for everyone. He discussed AI capabilities offered today, that can bring immediate benefits to individuals and businesses alike. He also spoke about Microsoft’s current position on AI, and how to ensure AI practices are ethical. With AI being a relatively new concept that is capable of lots of things he placed a lot of emphasis on making sure AI is done ethically.