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Sachertorte for Thought

It is both a pleasure and a privilege to be part of a European-funded Erasmus programme looking at how Manchester, Vienna and Cordoba can learn from their respective apprenticeship programmes, especially as they relate to engaging with SMEs like Dreamr. As the hashtags go: #Engage #Exchange #Reform. It’s great to be directly involved in a

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Mylo Kaye visited San Francisco on the very first flight from Manchester.

In March, Dreamr CEO Mylo Kaye visited San Francisco on the very first flight from Manchester. The visit saw him visit tech giants, Salesforce and LinkedIn. We find out what the trip has achieved and why it’s beneficial to fly direct from Manchester.What do you think the trip has achieved? What do you think the

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Aspirational Update

It seems a long time since I wrote my last blog -  2017 is flying by. Our Dreamrs are hard at work on fantastic app development projects for truly amazing clients, our CEO is fresh back from representing Dreamr as part of key trade missions to San Francisco, and South Korea. It’s all good.  

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Dreamr sign the pledge to change how we all think and act about mental health

Dreamr has today signed an employer pledge with Time to Change, the growing social movement run by charities Mind and Rethink Mental Illness which supports people to open up to mental health problems. By signing, Dreamr is committing to change the way we all think and act about mental health in the workplace. The signing

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My Coding Journey

I remember my first PC. Not so much the make, but I remember it ran on Windows DOS. I remember the commands and needing to navigate to the directory in order to play a game. Back then I was three years of age, and my games were primarily titles such as Doom, Star Wars: Dark

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The Debate App

Dreamr is proud to announce the latest release in our app development portfolio, Debate. A social platform where the opinionated public can sign up, explore, listen to others and give their opinions on popular discussions. The app itself is designed to be a safe space away from the other social sites, allowing for a healthy

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