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Adaptive Marketing for our Diverse Clients

By 30th April 2018 No Comments

So, it’s been just over a month since I started at Dreamr, and my first impressions are pretty great. The diversity of our clients, and their budgets, really forces me to think in different ways throughout the day. From big conversion campaigns for established businesses, to setting up a social media account and getting the first 100 followers, our clients’ marketing plans couldn’t be further apart.

One thing I have found is that my background of working in non-agency roles really helps me to understand things from our clients’ point of view. I find myself caring about the little things. Sometimes I find myself amidst some 9pm-at-home check-ups on some new SEO activity or replying to a Facebook comment on a Sunday afternoon.

For me it’s about attention to detail. I don’t want clients to feel like they’re hanging on waiting for updates or feeling like they’ve lost control of their marketing campaign. I want clients to own and be proud of their marketing.

I’ve had my fair share of nightmare agencies in my previous roles. I like to think my own experiences make me have a different mindset when working with Dreamr’s marketing clients. Whether that’s making sure you get actual value for money, or demonstratable and trackable ROI, it’s probably something I’ve ensured my agency has done for me in the past.

My experience includes work with big budgets and huge national campaigns and trying to break new markets in Europe, which all sounds fairly great. It also includes a budget of £0; a job where I was the marketing budget and I had to set up a marketing function for a business. From goal tracking to a rebrand, everything had to be valued and ROI demonstrated.

This means I get it. I get that our clients may not have loads of money. Their new app might be their new business, maybe they’re pre-investment, maybe they only have enough money for some advice. Either way, I like to think I can relate, and I can help.

Marketing for a business that has no audience or budget is a different game than the other end of the spectrum. I like to think the goal is to make our clients go from the startup, with only enough money for some setup, to the brand which can consider multi-channel, multi-national campaigns.

Hopefully Dreamr can help with that.

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Matt Roe

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