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My 4 Days Work Experience with Dreamr

By 2nd August 2018 No Comments

During my 4 days of work experience at Dreamr, I have had the pleasure of working amongst some extremely talented people. On my first day I knew instantly that Dreamr was a dynamic place and a thriving environment. Everyone was so thrilled to be there. I never thought a workplace could be so enticing and positive. With that in mind, I was eager and optimistic to get stuck into my 4-day placement.

On my first day I immediately felt welcomed and comfortable and over the next 4 days I quickly felt like I was part of the team. I got to know everyone individually and learnt a lot about them, I was grateful that the team shared their stories with me about how they ended up working for Dreamr, the diversity of different backgrounds at Dreamr surprised me.

I personally think getting a workspace at WeWork was a great decision for Dreamr, and so does the rest of the team. I asked some of the Dreamr team their opinions on the WeWork premises and no one had anything bad to say. The whole team loved everything from the superb office space to the free drinks and planned weekly events.

At times, the office could be very quiet. Everyone was focused on their tasks, typing away on their keyboards. At other times the office erupted into chatting and laughter. I began to realise how very happy the team was, and how much of a great place Dreamr is to work.

During my time on placement, I learnt a lot about how apps are designed and developed. I also witnessed how they achieve the end product ready to be launched for the client. At Dreamr the entire app making process runs so smoothly. It is incredibly efficient, and everyone is always busy with something to assist with the seamless running of the process.

My time at Dreamr has meant a lot to me. I have come away from the experience even more inspired that I was beforehand to make my own apps. I have had an incredible time but none of this fantastic experience would have been at all possible without Lynne who organised everything for me! Thank you so much Lynne for your support and the amazing opportunity you have given me. I will never forget my time at Dreamr.