My First 6 months as CEO

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It’s certainly been an exhilarating six months for me as CEO for Dreamr. The world of tech is constantly evolving and as Dreamr progressed within its industry, I chose to implement some key changes. It’s been a productive yet challenging first six months and I’m looking forward to sharing my story and the knowledge that I’ve gained.

Evolved our core values and mission

Following the integration of new team members to Dreamr, I felt it was necessary to ‘freshen’ up our company values and re-evaluate what it meant to be a Dreamr. Whilst keywords can make an impact, I believe meaningful statements have the potential to represent our values a lot better. Our new values and mission statement will be published at the end of July.

I feel it’s essential that with every project we complete, we make sure we respect each one of our values. Dreamr has an important year ahead and I’m confident that we will be in a bigger and even better place this time next year.

Introduced the Pledge 10% Manifesto

Something that myself and the Dreamr team have always been passionate about is supporting charity and the community. That’s why I decided introduce a manifesto for our Pledge 10% scheme that was pioneered by Dreamr’s Co-Founder, Mylo. Each person has their own passion they love to support, and I wanted to make sure we harness that alongside the 3 charities that are close to Dreamr’s heart.

I believe staff should be able use their volunteering time towards supporting a charity they are passionate about, as well as supporting Dreamr’s chosen charities. In addition to volunteering I wanted to refresh the way in which staff use their personal development time. Future tech is vital to keep ahead of the game, and that’s why we’ve dedicated time for the team to grow their skills with new technology on exciting internal projects, focusing on AR, Machine Learning and AI.

I’ve also introduced a week long ‘hackathon’ style event to take place every three months. I thought this way; our fantastic team would be able to collaborate and develop their skills in a much more productive and exciting way.

I want to be fully supportive of our expanding team and their personal growth within our company, so that’s why I’ve looked at cementing this even further into what we do, by creating a manifesto for us to follow.


One of the major changes I knew I needed to initiate was to start hiring for additional key senior roles that were essential for our team to grow. Dreamr had started to attract a lot of larger clients thanks to the amazing work our team produced. I wanted to strengthen support to all our clients from a high level technical perspective. I also wanted to make sure we’re always delivering the best results to our clients whilst working in the most efficient and effective way possible during all our projects.

This is what led me to bring Phill Clarence on board as Dreamr’s Head of Development. This role ensures each client gets the technical support needed and that we’re able to constantly roadmap out projects with the client for the future.

The introduction of MAP (FD services)

As we grow from a small to medium agency, its important to have numbers at the forefront of everything we do. With the addition of new staff starting within our agency and as business begins to grow exponentially, I’ve set some new targets for this financial year. I wanted to make sure the targets being set were going to be stretching, whilst remaining realistic. During these 6 months as CEO I’ve been handling sales and we’ve successfully managed to bring in £750k of signed business. Therefore, we have set an annual revenue target of £1.25 million for this financial year.

We have big growth plans for the next 24 months and I wanted our targets to support these plans. I decided we need a financial partner who is familiar with the agency field and concluded that My Accountancy Place would be the ideal partner to make sure we plan effectively and put the processes in place to get us there. We’ve taken on their FD services to make sure we have that ongoing support for the future.

The decision to focus on AR over VR

Being firmly involved in the tech industry, the future of technology has always been massively important to Dreamr. We fully embrace the acceleration of technological innovation. With this, it does mean that we always need to stay ahead of the industry. Making sure we are maintaining relevancy and staying ahead of the game is a quality Dreamr maintains, and our customers love. Sometimes it means we get to try the latest, most innovative technology from the world’s leading tech companies.

We were lucky enough to have access to one of the first Apple TVs when they landed in the UK. With all this new technology, I felt it was necessary to take time to reflect and refine our focus. I still feel like Virtual Reality (VR) is a hot topic, but more for gaming. I see VR fading out in the next 3-5 years, whereas I believe Augmented Reality (AR) will become a part of everyday life within the next 5 years. Therefore I made the decision to focus our efforts solely on AR.

I feel AR will become the next big explosion in the tech industry. Even more so when Apple potentially release their own version of ‘Google Glasses’. Leading tech giant Apple have invested heavily in creating their own AR Tools for developers to use (AR Kit2). This shows they have a big interest in this technology.

Dreamr has been using AR for a while now, and it can change our lives in a profound way. As we have recruited more mobile app developers, I wanted our newest recruits to be able to use their expert skills on building the latest AR interfaces.

What’s in store for the next 6 months?

In my first 6 months as CEO I’ve certainly learnt a lot. Judging by the success of the first half of the year, I am thoroughly excited about what the future holds for Dreamr. Regarding what’s in store for the next 6 months, you will have to wait for the next blog in January for some special announcements. In the meantime, here’s some quotes that I’ve learnt and lived by during the first part of my CEO journey, and statements that I will continue to carry with me in the future.

“Listen. Be open-minded.”

“Micromanaging holds you back.”

“Recruiting great talent is challenging. Never compromise.”

“Make decisions quicker. Make fewer decisions.”