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My First Three Months At Dreamr

By 6th December 2018 No Comments

From my first introduction to the office space and the Dreamr team back in July, I immediately felt comfortable, excited and optimistic. My first introduction was also my interview. However, the interview itself appeared to have gone well in my estimation, and the next day I received the job offer I was hoping for, Junior iOS Developer. 13 months of consistent effort had paid off and I was looking forward to starting an exciting new chapter in my life.

Over the Summer, I eagerly anticipated my start at Dreamr in September. However, the last three months have well exceeded my expectations.

Prior to starting my role, I had no idea what would be in store for me over the next few months. I had already learnt a lot of Swift and iOS. I also managed to build a small portfolio of work thanks to the Treehouse Tech degree I studied in my spare time. However, I had no idea what Dreamr would hold for me, working with other iOS developers. With my initial assessment complete I was introduced to a project by Ben. By my second week I was already working on new features.

At first, I found it strange, if not daunting to discuss Swift, iOS, and general programming concepts with others. Before Dreamr, no one I knew would’ve understood what I was talking about. But now I find it so exciting being able to share resources, learn, and have discussions within the iOS team about a subject that we are all passionate about.

Over the last 14 weeks, I have learnt an incredible amount. Not only in the iOS landscape but also in the dynamics of an industry position. Firstly, my fluency in Swift has dramatically improved. As has my overall knowledge in iOS, to a point where I’m now able to study and implement more advanced topics such as Mobile Architectures and Reactional Programming tools including MVVM and RxSwift respectively. All of this through consistent practice and thorough guidance from Joe and Ben.

iOS developer Joe

Being my first position as an iOS developer, I was intrigued to learn more about the development process and the working methodologies within a company. Something that I couldn’t really experience in the past due to being self-taught. However, as Dreamr is a relatively young company, I’m not just learning a workflow that has already been established, but also from an abundance of knowledge and experience provided by others.

A vital part of this evolution is the way Dreamr values all team members and their voices no matter their level or experience. My previous experience draws from working in a company that employs well over 25,000 people. Being an apprentice engineer especially, my opinion was unlikely to change anything. Decisions were made from the top. This change to an agency environment that employs 1000 times less not only means everyone’s voice matters and is respected, but that it almost immediately makes a beneficial difference, and without bureaucracy.

This whole structure provides a strong family atmosphere where everyone works well as a team, including Loki, JJ, and Chilli. Ultimately this allows for increased efficiency, learning, and collaboration and makes it a pleasure to come into work every day. Not to mention all the fun that is involved as well.

All the Dreamr team celebrating an early Christmas meal

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