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My Tough Mudder Experience

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So, I’m only just recovering after myself and the Dreamr team completed the Tough Mudder 5km around Heaton Park. After we completed the 10km Simplyhealth Great Manchester run back in May in aid of the Booth Centre, the next question was: well, what’s next?

I have completed obstacle mud runs previously, but never a Tough Mudder! I wondered if I could talk any of the Dreamr team members into doing this with me. It’s a fantastic way for us all to raise money for a good cause and challenge ourselves at the same time. Not surprisingly they jumped at the challenge! We ended up with a team of 6 mud runners. Myself, Jack, Mylo, Montri, Matt K and my non Dreamr friend Niall, ready to take on the 5 kilometres and 10 obstacles that were about to be put in front of us.

We decided collectively that we wanted to raise money in aid of Mylo’s charity, Pledge. Their mission it is to reduce poverty in Greater Manchester, for those people who are experiencing homelessness, exploitation and unemployment. They do this by providing grants to charities and social enterprises who work with these three groups.

When it came to training for this challenge I think it’s fair to say most of us took a relaxed approach. There was a feeling of anticipation and some slight nerves as we boarded the Metro link heading for Heaton Park. The realisation hit that I’m going to have do a 5K obstacle course with minimum training under my belt! We approached the starting area where we were about to receive our military warm-ups. We performed them together as a team, all ready and raring to go!

As we set off, bright green flares were fired into the sky leading us towards our first obstacle, ‘Devils Beard’. This had the team crawling on the ground, pinned down by a giant cargo net. Working our way through this required communication and teamwork. As one crawled through, another held the net above the other’s head. We worked our way capably through the next couple of obstacles as we began to approach what Tough Mudder had titled the ‘Giant-A-Hole’. At over 2 stories high of cargo net it looked like the team had a task on their hands, we all got through after careful foot placement and the ability to not look down.

The most testing obstacle for me was the ‘monkey swinging hoops’. Using just upper body strength we had to navigate ourselves from one side to another, making sure we didn’t loose focus and fall to the dirt filled floor below. Thankfully, we all made it safely across (and amazingly dirt free)! I think the stand out competitor for me was Mylo! He was relentless and just never gave up, consistently motivating the team.

Staying together as a team, we pushed each other through as we approached the last obstacle. ‘Everest’ was a quarter pipe slope with a real challenge to reach the summit. Out of breath, finally all 6 Mudders successfully reached the top! I have to say, this was my personal favourite moment from the day. Knowing we completed the course, worked together and no one got left behind.

We spotted Lynne in the crowd ready to capture a shot of us looking our best! After our team photo (and a brief rest to catch our breath) we began our descent down Everest. We reached the bottom and turned to spot the finish line, where we were greeted by volunteers congratulating us on our achievement.

Everyone felt a real buzz afterwards, and we were even handed a free bottle of cider to celebrate our success as we entered the event village! I know some of the team have already booked onto the next north West Tough Mudder! I’d also like to say a big thank you to everyone who helped us raise money for the event! We had a great day and I can’t wait to see how the money we raised will be used by Pledge!

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