The world’s first real-time digital trainer.

The Corner app gives users full insight into their boxing performance with wireless trackers that connect to the app. The first of its kind, it was showcased at Las Vegas International Consumer Electronics Show and featured on Dragons’ Den in 2017.
The app tracks improvements in punch rate, speed and power; finds trends in punches and combinations; and creates a work-rate analysis after the training session.

Developing wearable tech

The sensors for Corner turn physical movements into digital data by feeding data to an API. Dreamr reduced the response time between impact and reporting to 0.05 seconds.

Featured globally

The Corner app was made in time for the Las Vegas International Consumer Electronics Show. It was showcased there, and went on to be featured on Dragons' Den. It was also shortlisted for the 2016 Big Chip Award, and awarded 2nd place on the Gadget Show for wearable tech.

We thoroughly enjoyed working with Dreamr and their leadership team. We successfully launched at CES in Las Vegas thanks to their handiwork, bringing everything together on time and budget. We’re excited for the future of Corner and our relationship with Dreamr.

Charles BurrCEO