Sport. Brexit. Films. Debate anything.

The Debate app lets users discuss hot topics in a constructive context. Born from a desire to debate topics away from trolls and Facebook timelines, users can upload video responses to topics and discuss a topic intelligently and constructively.

Features include functionality to follow friends and see their debates, a feature to see debate results broken down by demographic and social media sharing.

Video Input

By using video to respond to debate topics, users can provide a measured and compelling argument. Video functionality also improves app use as short form video captures audiences for longer.

User Engagement

Gamification and geolocation elements mean users get a better experience. A points system means you can compete with your friends to be the best debater. Geolocation provides functionality to debate with people local to you for a more contextual and reasoned debate.

The Dreamr team were fantastic throughout my App development journey. The team were responsive, took time to understand my requirements and the delivery was 1st class. Particular highlights of my project was how they managed to get the branding so close to what I had envisaged from using the shortest brief and managing to discuss technical elements in a language that I could understand and respond to. I look forward to continuing my journey with Dreamr throughout the development of my Debate app.

Mark forsterOwner