Remember when you didn’t care if a question was stupid?

Remember when life was a canvas and the rules and rigors of society had no bearing?

Remember how you insisted on digging that hole in the sandpit even though logic said you’d never actually reach China?

Remember how that peg didn’t fit the first 5 times in the hole but you were certain it would the 6th time?

Remember how you didn’t hyperfocus on football practice, you just kind of naturally rose to the occasion?

Remember how events weren’t endless elevator pitches, but simply amazing events filled with games, cake, and toys ?

Remember when you fell down like 20 times a day but you just never dwelled on it?

Remember when you totally knew Santa was mum and dad, but you still had to stay up all night because 99.9% sure was NOT 100% sure?

Remember when interactions with a few really close play buddies meant more than thousands of followers?

Remember when you adapted to the teachers grading, and didn’t expect them to adapt to your work?


There’s something to be said about your 6 year old self.  Your six year old self didn’t plan to plan, they didn’t get anxious, they didn’t overthink.  The blissful naivite of your 6 year old self is the kernel from which the entrepreneurial ‘you’ will grow.

Its about 4 weeks from the end of the year and round about this time you think about change.  You sign up for a Gym, go on a diet, perhaps even decide to finally learn that skill you’ve been putting off.  But, if we may be so bold, might we suggest reverting instead.

Revert back to that 6 year old, go to that sandbox and just dig.  What is that idea you want to develop, that app that fits that need that you have (forget everyone else), and what do you need to do to make the 21st time you try to develop it- the time that sticks.

Lucky for you we have drive which scales far beyond our writing prose – and, if come 2018 you are ready not to make a change, but to be blissfully ignorant to barriers and walls, wander to our offices and lets build something together.