Our Story

Bringing Your Ideas To Life

About Dreamr

Dreamr has been producing the highest quality of work since its inception in Autumn 2014. Founded by Mylo Kaye, CEO, we now employ an experienced team of  Dreamrs, all based in our Manchester city centre offices.


Dreamr is proud to have been shortlisted numerous times, for its work, and also in recognition of Mylo’s entrepreneurship. Dreamr was delighted to win the Digital Skills for Business Award in 2016, in recognition of individual development both inside Dreamr and in the wider community.

Dreamr’s Future

Dreamr is currently researching the exciting possibilities of Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence and how this will bring a whole new dimension to the ways you do business with your clients.

Dreamr’s Culture

Dreamr’s culture shines through everything we say and do. Our Pledge 10% means a minimum of 10% of Dreamr time is given to self-development, volunteering and giving something back, in line with our values.


Dreamr is going through accreditation for the highly sought after ISO9001 certification. Ensuring that robust processes are in place to ensure the highest quality assurance standards is of paramount importance.