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iOS Developer

Ben started working at Dreamr as a trainee in early 2018. He’s been learning iOS programming from the more experienced members of our app development team, focusing on using the Swift programming language. Ben has also completed a course with Stanford University on Developing iOS 11 Apps with Swift, and has come to put the theory into practice here at Dreamr!

With a background in academic research, Ben is no stranger to complex algorithms and he’s excited about his role in the future of app technology. As part of his PhD in Space Plasma Physics (University of Leicester), Ben was introduced to computer programming; using mainly Python coding to model the Martian space environment!

As well as programming, Ben’s academic work required significant data analysis and processing. These are skills that he’s able to transfer across to his new role in app development. At Dreamr, we use an agile approach to app development; Ben’s analytical mind and problem-solving ability are invaluable to our team’s efforts to identify trends in user data.

Ben is passionate about technology and is planning to spend his personal development time at Dreamr researching innovative methods to improve user experience. He’s particularly interested in machine learning and augmented reality, and how these can be used to enhance the user interfaces of our apps. In his spare time, Ben’s into gaming, surfing and hiking.

We asked Ben what he liked best about working at Dreamr, and he told us that he enjoys working with a “great, friendly team that emphasises the importance of self-improvement”. Ben is passionate about helping others to develop their skills, and helping them to find the confidence to allow them to solve problems.

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