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iOS Developer

Joe started at Dreamr in June 2018 as an iOS Developer to support the development team with its iOS projects. With over 3 years’ experience working in other agencies, he moved from Leeds to Manchester to experience life in a bustling, creative city. Joe’s looking forward to new challenges and having a chance to apply and spread the knowledge he’s picked up over the past few years.

Joe was inspired by the drive and enthusiasm from the whole team at Dreamr and was impressed by the tech-immersive atmosphere. Being surrounded by people who are genuinely interested in their work and the tech industry is something he has always looked for in a job.

Working with Swift and Objective-C, Joe collaborates with other members of the development team such as Mitch to develop apps, but also helps define our development processes and advise on software architecture best practice. After showing tremendous ability and proving himself as a valuable asset for Dreamr, Joe joined the SMT as our Technical Lead. As well as still working on iOS projects, Joe now helps manage the technical side of things and provides technical insight on how best to guide our projects in the right direction.

His foray into programming started at a young age when he began scripting content for online virtual worlds and building his own games. After studying games programming at university, Joe was fortunate enough to work for a digital agency in Leeds where he helped develop a couple of games for mobile. His focus eventually switched as he spent more time developing applications for mobile devices. His experience with games design and development gives Joe a different view point when approaching app development; especially with the increased popularity of augmented reality and gamification on the mobile platform.

In his spare time, Joe likes to get away from the computer and spend time with friends, usually with a well-mixed G&T. He also spends his time writing his own apps and scripting games; often calling upon the great network of people he has built to collaborate with.

During his professional development time at Dreamr, Joe would like to improve his technical ability and dive into new Apple frameworks such as ARKit 2 and CoreML. Joe’s interest in UX and UI means he’d love to spend time improving his understanding and skills in these areas.

Joe started a small online business when he was 13, selling virtual goods in the virtual world ‘Second Life’. Even though he has spent a lot of time on the computer, he went to stage school when he was younger and has not only performed on stage a few times, but also worked as an extra in TV for a while.