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Kirsty Newell

Client Services Director

Kirsty is responsible for ensuring that our clients at Dreamr get the best possible customer service throughout their app development project. A typical day for Kirsty will involve talking to clients and keeping them up to date with how their project is progressing. She’s in charge of managing client relationships throughout the app development process and she maintains that relationship post-launch, so we can continue to ensure that our clients are happy with their app.

With a background in retail management, Kirsty is experienced with customer-facing roles. She knows how important it is to make sure our team understands our clients’ objectives and how we can help them to get the most out of their app development project.

Kirsty loves working as part of the team at Dreamr, “The people I work with are brilliant and there is an atmosphere in the office that is at once both challenging and supportive!” 

As part of her personal development time that all Dreamr employees are encouraged to take as part of our Pledge 10% initiative, Kirsty has recently completed a course entitled “Advanced Communication Skills for 21st Century Leaders”. Kirsty is continuously learning new skills and further developing her existing strengths.

Outside of work, Kirsty enjoys the performing arts, particularly ballet and contemporary dance. She spends her weekends wandering around art galleries and museums and taking the wide variety of cultural activities that Manchester has to offer. At home, she likes to embrace her inner foodie and get creative in the kitchen by serving delicious meals for friends and family.