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Kirsty Newell

Client Services Director

As our Client Services Director, Kirsty is responsible for ensuring all our clients have the best possible experience throughout their journey with Dreamr. Kirsty handles multiple projects at any given time and ensures client expectations are met by maintaining communication between clients and the Dreamr team. Kirsty makes up 1/5 of our Senior Management team and works closely with our Head of Development Phill.

Despite being mainly client focused, Kirsty likes to get stuck in with the development and design teams. She regularly joins the daily ‘stand-ups’ and the team sprint meetings. This is great for Kirsty as it means she is thoroughly aware of what everyone is working on, as well as individual members achievements and challenges. Kirsty is also leading a project to implement ISO9001, an efficient QMS standard being used by lots of businesses today.

Growing up, Kirsty was home educated, and therefore had a slightly different upbringing to most! Being home educated gave her the freedom to explore the subjects she was passionate about. She claims this autonomous style of learning makes her the resourceful person she is today, if she wants to find out more about something, she’s determined to find whatever she needs to do so!

Before working at Dreamr, Kirsty worked as a retail manager. A key aspect of her role was being able to adapt to situations and prepare for the unpredictable, a skill that has certainly served her well during her time at Dreamr! In 2017 Kirsty decided it was time for a career change, and when a role at Dreamr cropped up for a relationship manager she knew it would be the perfect opportunity! After excelling in the role, Kirsty was promoted to Client Services Director in November 2017, reflecting her hard work and demonstrating how much her role evolved throughout the year.

In her spare time, Kirsty enjoys learning more about the history of Manchester. She loves visiting local museums and art galleries and is interested in the performing arts. Originally from Saddleworth, Kirsty does sometimes miss the openness of the countryside and regularly hops on the train for a day out of the city to broaden her horizons.