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Web Developer

Mark brings an extensive knowledge of web development to Dreamr. Mark’s day involves working with fellow Web Developers, using PHP and Laravel to build the back end of our projects. He is looking forward to learning and expanding his knowledge in the company of like-minded developers, after spending much of his time prior to Dreamr as a freelance developer.

Originally from Middlesbrough, Mark’s interest in computers began when he was young. In primary school, he discovered Acorn computers and spent a lot of his time playing computer games and exploring how they work. Throughout school and college, Mark’s interest continued to grow, leading him to study Computer Science at Teesside University.

At University, Mark learnt the foundations of web development. He commends his course for the knowledge he applies to his work today. It was here he studied web development modules and learnt more about Java and HTML databases. Mark claims university gave him a theoretical understanding of web development and networking.

After University, Mark began working for agencies as a web developer before freelancing. He worked for various companies over the next few years, learning new technologies that benefit both the client and development team. He also learnt useful entrepreneurial and business skills through his freelancing and it was here that he gained experience dealing with clients directly – something that he can apply to his work at Dreamr.

Mark also enjoys running and athletics and recently completed the Manchester 10K, raising money for the Alzheimer’s Society. Charity is something Mark would like to have further involvement with and is looking forward to being involved with the various charities that Dreamr supports through the Pledge 10% initiative.

For his personal development, Mark is keen to learn more about frameworks. Specifically, the Vue.js front-end framework. This framework is built into Laravel, which he uses regularly, so he thinks it would be useful to further his knowledge on this, so he can have a better understanding in general.