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Matt Roe

Commercial Manager

Matt started working at Dreamr in early 2018 as our Commercial Manager. After living in Colchester for a number of years, he’s moved back “up North” to Manchester to take on his role at Dreamr. On a day-to-day basis, Matt’s involved in marketing campaigns on behalf of Dreamr and our clients. He’s previously worked for a leading UK university, managing a substantial advertising budget and demonstrating the power of a well-targetted marketing strategy.

Matt works with our clients to develop marketing strategies for the apps that our programming teams have created. Our marketing team work in parallel with our app developers, ensuring that your app has a brilliant marketing campaign in place in the run-up to launch. Matt is an expert in digital marketing and has a broad range of experience in different areas; from SEO to PPC, and social media to print.

With the digital marketing landscape changing as quickly as the technology behind it, Matt strives to research and experiment with new techniques. Matt is passionate about innovation and applies this in his approach to our marketing strategy here at Dreamr. He’s also a self-confessed “analytics nerd”, which means he’s able to get the most out of a marketing budget by focussing on what works. Matt told us that the thing he likes most about working at Dreamr is the innovative team who have a positive “let’s do it” attitude.

Matt’s role as Commercial Manager here at Dreamr means that he’s also responsible for reaching out to potential new customers who might be interested in developing an app with us. Matt’s enthusiasm is infectious, and he’ll join in your excitement surrounding the launch of your business’s app.

In his spare time, Matt enjoys folk music. He’s a talented musician and plays guitar alongside a range of more unusual stringed instruments! Since joining the team at Dreamr, Matt has been using his personal development time to learn photography and videography.


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