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Junior Web Developer

Matthew joined Dreamr as our Trainee Web Developer. He completed his Code Nation Master Course at the Manchester based School, Code Nation, before joining the Dreamr team! Matthew enjoyed studying at Code Nation as he felt it gave him the ability to work in a team and gain relevant experience in a social environment.

Matthew’s interest in tech started in his early teens, when he discovered how much he enjoyed experimenting with new technology. From building computers to hacking virtual environments, he built a foundation that still allows him to learn more every day. After excelling in IT and Computer Science at school, Matthew started to use his free time to expand his knowledge in web development, privacy, cybersecurity and graphic design. He designed for his own brand and managed to secure graphic design jobs for companies and clients. Matthew believes that his experience working with clients in the past has been a key cornerstone in his professional development.

Matthew hopes to apply his eye for design to front-end web development. Areas that he would like to research more consist of software development, UX/UI, AI, Machine Learning, iOS/Android Development and Computer Forensics.

Matthew is also interested in starting his own blog. He is hoping to populate his blog with web development and cyber security content, alongside general IT and tech related news.

Having previously took part in a small amount of volunteer work for charity, he wishes to work more with those that are out there doing good things. He is specifically interested in helping with animal charities, and charities dedicated to reducing homelessness.

When Matthew isn’t on a computer, he enjoys reading, boxing and swimming. He loves animals, and has dogs, cats, rabbits and even a tortoise at home!

Matthew is also keen to get involved more with yoga. He realised his interest in yoga during his time at Code Nation, where he took part in a class every Tuesday! Matthew believes that practising the likes of yoga, spirituality and meditation will not only improve his health, but will aid him in both his personal and professional success.

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