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Junior iOS Developer
As our Junior iOS Developer, Mitch works closely with Technical Lead, Joe, and is looking forward to being part of the Dreamr development team.

He is also is looking forward to working in the social environment that Dreamr provides. Mitch is keen to learn from his time at Dreamr. After teaching himself about iOS, he is excited to learn from the other developers in the team, solidifying and expanding on the knowledge he already has.

Originally from Kent, Mitch has always been interested in building and creating. Initially, Mitch was interested in product design and enjoyed finding solutions to fix the issues that arose in his projects. Although he wasn’t fond of IT in school, Mitch was fascinated by programming as he felt it related well to the physical product design he was also passionate about. Mitch sourced various programming apps to help educate himself further.

Mitch initially started a University course in computer Science, however, for him he found the topics covered slightly outdated and knew there must be more relevant experience he could gain elsewhere. That’s when he signed up to the Treehouse Tech degree in iOS development. A decision that landed him his role at Dreamr.

Mitch has always loved the way iOS works. Mitch believes Swift is an intuitive language and loves the way the iOS operating system reflects the fact that Apple stems from an industrial design background.

When Mitch isn’t learning about iOS, he loves travelling. Mitch has travelled much of Europe and hopes to expand his cultural experiences even further. Some of his favourite cities to visit include Berlin and Madrid, due to the amazing culture and laid-back attitudes of the locals.

In his Dreamr personal development time Mitch is interested in learning more about different areas of iOS and development. He is keen to learn more about development for mobile games. However, he is also interested in expanding his knowledge on animation and design.