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Android Developer

Bringing with him 5 years of experience, Ricardo is keen to get stuck into the culture of Dreamr as our Android Developer. Ricardo is passionate about Android Development as he loves the flexibility and freedom it offers. He is looking forward to expanding his knowledge on various topics during his journey with Dreamr and is keen to be part of such a tight-knit team.

Originally from Porto – Portugal, Ricardo has been interested in IT and tech since a young age. He enjoyed playing games on Playstation and Xbox as a teenager and was passionate about mathematics during school. These aspects combined led him to pursue a degree in IT Engineering.

Ricardo studied for 4 years at the Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto (ISEP), one of the best-known engineering schools in Portugal. It was here that Ricardo learnt the fundamentals of programming, such as Java and software architecture. After completing his degree, Ricardo decided to branch out and do an internship in Android Development, something that appealed to him due to its relevancy and promising aspects in the fast-growing tech world.

After completing his internship, Ricardo landed his first job as an Android Developer, working on a Porto guide app for tourists visiting his hometown. It was at this time that Ricardo started building his own apps, something that he still does now, he’s even created his own game!

In 2014, Ricardo moved to Manchester and continued work as an Android Developer, learning new skills and gaining experience working in a team. He learnt about scrum, and even learnt iOS languages such as Swift and Objective-C.

Ricardo is looking forward to developing his current skills whilst at Dreamr and is keen to learn more about architecting apps from fellow Android Developer Rodrigo, as well as expanding on his current iOS knowledge.

In his spare time Ricardo likes to keep busy with hobbies such as cycling, exercise and travelling. He also played guitar in a band for numerous years, something he would love to start up again if the opportunity arose.