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Web Developer

Ste is a Web Developer at Dreamr, who initially worked as a Consultant Web Developer on some Dreamr projects before joining full-time. Now, Ste works closely with Mark and Phill to make up our web development team. Ste is now excited to be part of Dreamr full-time. He is looking forward to working with such a ‘tight knit, and ‘super talented’ team.

Originally from Salford, Ste studied for an IT apprenticeship at Pendleton College. After successfully completing his apprenticeship, Ste started to gain real life experience in the IT industry. Ste worked in an IT Support role for 7 years before taking on a Sysadmin role, where he stayed for another 7 years. It was after gaining 14 years’ experience that Ste decided he wanted to attempt Freelancing – as a Web Developer!

Ste claims his passion for web development stems from the fact he is building something from the very beginning. Creating something brand new, in an industry that is constantly growing. In the past Ste has struggled to ‘switch off’ from work mode. Always ‘looking for the next big thing’, Ste found it difficult to tear himself away from the computer, even after work!

To help him switch off, Ste practices meditation and Buddhism in this spare time, and enjoys exploring spirituality and Tai Chi. He is also passionate about cooking and exercise. When Ste isn’t in meditation mode, his time is filled up with his 3 children! Ste has 3 girls and admits that he has become a ‘feminist’ when it comes to the tech world. Ste is passionate about bridging the gender gap in the tech industry. He says having 3 girls has made him realise the importance of getting more women involved in the industry. He loves teaching his children about all things IT and would love for his girls to follow in his footsteps and forge a career in tech!