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The Choice To Focus On AR Over VR

By 27th November 2018 No Comments

At Dreamr, the future of technology is something that is hugely important to us. Being at the heart of the Manchester tech world we are immersed in the ever-changing tech industry. With technology gaining more momentum in 2018 than ever before, it has led me to contemplate where Dreamr should head in the tech world.

The tech industry is busy so it’s a good idea for us to keep ahead of the game to ensure our success as a business. This includes making bold and brave decisions for the future when it comes to where we are focusing our energy. With this in mind, I have made the decision to focus on AR over VR.

The reason for this is because I feel the life for VR is limited. This is backed up by the fact that sales of virtual reality headsets have declined in recent years. What was once thought to be the next big thing has quickly proved otherwise. VR headsets are also still incredibly expensive, and whilst there was a lot of hype when they were initially released, the novelty seems to have worn off quickly for a lot of people. Similar to what happened with 3D TV.

After trialling a range of VR headsets here at Dreamr, it’s understandable to see where frustration sets in. The setup is complicated and it’s easy to lose interest when sensors placed on walls don’t always align properly. For an expensive device it’s annoying when things don’t go to plan.

This differs from AR, as its popularity is rising. AR is great because it can be incorporated into devices that we already have to hand. There is no need to purchase any specialised devices. For example, Apple has upped its AR game in iOS12. You can ‘Take a walk with a T-Rex’ or use the ‘Project Galaxy’ app to turn your living room into the solar system.

AR is great as it can revolutionize the world around us. It is easily accessible to most people and can be incorporated into our daily activities to help with shopping, medicine, travel, and of course gaming. This is something we see regularly at Dreamr when created apps, and something I look forward to seeing evolve as AR establishes a place in our society. AR is all about enhancing people’s daily lives and making them better, it’s an exciting time for technology.

Pokemon Go is a well-known app that uses AR to engage players. 

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