Dreamr is proud to announce the latest release in our app development portfolio, Debate. A social platform where the opinionated public can sign up, explore, listen to others and give their opinions on popular discussions.

The app itself is designed to be a safe space away from the other social sites, allowing for a healthy Debate with a friendly tone. Users can share their opinions either by text or a video recording of themselves sharing their thoughts.

The application designed with the user in mind, making the process of listening to others and then responding, as easy as possible. Its packed with great features like user profiles, being able to follow other people, commenting on Debates, recording of your own views and of course view the results of the Debates the user has participated in.

The results page display a simple view with the title of the Debate and then how many people agreed, disagreed and are neutral to it. After a click on one of the options, more details are revealed about the users who picked it, such as gender, age range and location.

The Debates change on a regular basis depending on the burning topics of the day, providing constant fresh Debates for those who have a thirst to share their opinions.

Check out the video below to get a better idea of what the app is about.

The app is available to download right now on iOS.