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Time To Change – How Does Dreamr Support Mental Health?

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Last Thursday Dreamr presented at an event in Salford Quays for the charity, Time to Change. Time to Change is a fantastic organisation that aims to end discrimination surrounding mental health. The event was called the Employers Masterclass and focused on how to best equip line managers to feel comfortable addressing mental health within their team. The masterclass also provided an opportunity for pledge employers (explained in more detail in the below paragraph) to learn from other organisations, sharing experiences on how they best equip line managers and support their teams.

Our Director of People and Culture, Lynne was kindly asked to speak at the Masterclass. Dreamr aim to be fully supportive when it comes to mental health within our team, so it was a great opportunity to spread awareness and share the practices we use to support our team.

What is a Pledge Employer?

Dreamr signed up to be a Pledge Employer in 2017. As a Pledge Employer with Time to Change, your company demonstrates a commitment to changing how we think and act regarding mental health in the workplace. As a Pledger you also lead the way for other organisations to jump on board and realise that breaking down the stigma surrounding mental health can only do good for your company, and your team. By signing the Pledge any members of your team facing mental health problems will also feel supported and your company will join a community of over 800 employers who also want to make a change!

Dreamr signed up to be a Pledger in 2017

As part of the team, how do I feel about Dreamr's approach to mental health?

There are some key ways that Dreamr offers support that really mean a lot to me as an employee. Lynne asked me prior to her speech which approach is the most helpful for me. I responded that 121 meetings really reassure me that I am not alone at Dreamr if I ever need anything. I feel like I can be totally honest in my 121 and I know that anything I mention will be kept confidential. 121’s are great because they give you the freedom to talk about anything you want. Whether that be work or anything personal that you feel comfortable disclosing.

How does Dreamr lead the way when it comes to supporting mental health?

Being a member of the Dreamr team I am already aware of the great policies they have in place for anyone struggling with their mental health. Thankfully lots of these areas were also covered by Lynne in her Time To Change presentation. Dreamr offers support in many ways when it comes to mental health, however, I have chosen three which I think really make a difference to the team.


Dreamr offers flexible working. This is something that was proposed to attendees at the Time To Change Masterclass, and something Dreamr are so proud to offer. Mental ill health is the leading cause of sickness absence in the UK. People will often phone in sick but give another reason why. They don’t want to admit they just can’t face coming into work that day.

At Dreamr, flexible working allows people to come into work any time before 10am. Someone suffering with ill mental health may not feel like leaving for work at 8am. However, they may feel differently at 9am. This extends to being able to work from home. Dreamr offers team members the chance to work from home if they feel necessary, therefore alleviating the stress of heading into work and feeling overwhelmed. More and more companies are beginning to offer flexible working, something that can make a big difference to someone suffering. Working from home is also good for team members in general, regardless of if they are struggling or not. It allows people the opportunity to get into the zone if they really want to knuckle down and concentrate and avoid the general office noise.



When Lynne was speaking, something she mentioned was OfficeVibe. We use OfficeVibe at Dreamr, and personally, I love it! There were lots of questions for Lynne after her speech regarding OfficeVibe and how it benefits the team. OfficeVibe emails team members a set of questions each week. Questions range from how they feel at work, to anything they would like to change. Officevibe even has a section at the end of the survey allowing you to disclose any worries you have, work-related or otherwise. The great thing about OfficeVibe is that it provides people with the opportunity to make changes confidentially within the workplace.

Continuing support with Team Mental Health

Dreamr is fantastic at recognising the signs of someone who is suffering from mental health problems or recognising if they are struggling in any other areas. Anyone who is struggling within Dreamr will be able to continue support with Team Mental Health, a fantastic organisation that provides training to workplaces helping them understand more about mental health within their teams. The support provided by Team Mental Health ranges from anything from phone chats and group sessions to meetings in person.

Why did I attend the Time To Change Masterclass?

As Digital Content executive for Dreamr, it is my responsibility to take care of our social media and website content. I assisted Lynne in putting together the presentation to support her speech. Lynne’s speech was titled ‘The Importance of Supporting Mental Health in an SME’. At Dreamr, we really strive to make a change when it comes to the stigma attached to mental health. If you have followed Mylo’s story, it is something that is very close to our hearts and something we are strongly passionate about. It was great that Dreamr had been asked to talk at the event, discussing the ways we tackle mental health as a company and the policies we have in place to support people suffering.

Making sure line Managers are equipped to deal with is important, but it’s still something some managers are scared or worried about addressing. The more we normalise and talk about mental health issues in an open and inviting way, the more comfortable people in power will feel about discussing it with their team.

Despite the fact I wasn’t presenting, I thought it was important to attend as I assisted with Lynne’s presentation. I wanted to support her, and I wanted to make sure I got fantastic content surrounding the event to spread awareness via social media and on our website. I think that’s something I achieved and hopefully all attendees of the Masterclass went away after Lynne’s speech with a firm knowledge of how to support their teams.

Lynne presenting at the Time To Change Masterclass

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