5 Apps to Enhance your Summer Holiday

By 17th August 2018 No Comments

Summer holiday season is well underway! All you need is sun, sea and a fantastic app to help you navigate your way around a new city. Holiday apps make travelling easier, more reliable and safe. People want minimal issues whilst abroad to guarantee they get the best holiday experience. We’ve created a rundown of some of the best apps that can assist you on your travels this summer!

1. EatWith

EatWith is a great concept for an app, it lets you dine with new people in their home, in different countries, tasting home cooked cuisine! EatWith is rated very highly on the App Store and Google Play store and is also hugely popular with users. Mainly because EatWith offers something completely different. The premise is interesting, you browse culinary events posted by EatWith hosts in the town or city you are in, then book in for a delicious meal! You can update your availability and location, manage bookings, update currency and chat to other guests.

You are also able to chat with the host directly. They are able to post the menu for the evening so you can see what is being prepared and advise on any dietary requirements.

It may seem daunting going to a dinner party where you have never met the guests before, but EatWith puts guests at ease. It lets you see reviews of hosts and their events, so you know what to expect. EatWith also offers insurance policies so both hosts and guests are fully covered. Of course it also lets you view reviews of hosts and their events, so you know what to expect!

Available in 130 different countries, from Manchester to Tel Aviv, EatWith is essential if you are a food and travel lover. It provides an opportunity for solo travellers to meet like minded people all over the world in a safe and secure way! Holiday apps make travelling easier, more reliable and safe.

2. UVLens

A slightly different style of app to feature on our top 5! This app aims to protect you whilst you’re away! UVLens is available on the App and Google Play store and boasts 50,000 downloads and fantastic reviews. Created in New Zealand with the aim to help people live healthier outdoor lifestyles, the app is often used by athlete’s and people who do outdoor sport to protect them from the sun.

UVLens is now a great tool to assist you on your holiday, especially If you are travelling with children or plan on being outside for long periods of time. A new feature allows you to take a personalised ‘Skin assessment’. It allows you to build yourself an avatar to resemble yourself and your skin tone and reminds you when to apply sunscreen. Every skin type is different, so it’s a great that the app allows you to cater for different types. Whilst you’re busy on holiday soaking up the culture, sometimes its easy to forget to apply suncream, or remember that you need to take a break from direct heat. With this app, you will be reminded of all these things, so you can carry on sightseeing and let the app do all the work for you!

3. TripIt

TripIt is an essential app for the seasoned traveller! It aims to manage your entire itinerary, taking the boring tasks off your workload so you can enjoy yourself on your break away. It can manage multiple trips, so you can keep track of all your getaways and not get mixed up. Ideal for business trips abroad but also for anyone who just loves being busy whilst away, TripIt manages everything all in one place. As the user, you do the booking and TripIt will take care of everything else!

Forward your flight/hotel confirmation and any other email bookings onto TripIt admin and they will immediately start working on your itinerary. You will be able to access your itinerary from anywhere on any of your devices and be able to access it offline. This app is ideal if you are super busy and don’t want the stress of constantly looking for emails and times rushing at the airport! TripIt also has it covered if anything does go wrong whilst away. If the inevitable happens and your flight gets cancelled, TripIt will find you a solution. It searches for rare refunds that you are eligible for and even finds replacement flights!

4. Duolingo

Duolingo is the next app on our list! It’s always slightly tricky when you go abroad, (especially to somewhere where English isn’t a predominant language) to communicate with the locals at times. Duolingo is a handy little tool to help you learn different languages for free, in preparation for your trip. The app boasts over 15 different languages available to learn. Duolingo’s aim was to make education free, fun and accessible for everyone of all backgrounds and levels.

The concept is that you can play games and earn points whilst you learn a new language. The app only has ‘bite-sized’ lessons available. This makes it really handy for adults who want to spend five minutes or so on their lunch break learning something new. Each lesson includes a variety of multiple choice challenges, involving speaking and listening. You can also get graded on your answers and earn points so you know how you are progressing!

The app claims to be effective and addictive and judging by reviews, users seem to agree. Duolingo guarantees that 34 hours of Duolingo learning is the equivalent to a term of university level education. It’s no surprise Duolingo is the most downloaded education app in the world with more than 200 million users!

5. CityMapper

CityMapper is a potential lifesaver in a foreign city! Available on the App Store and Google Play, CityMapper is available in 39 countries. It is an all-round excellent app for navigating public transport and walking directions. Citymapper is free and is rated extremely highly. It also works with companies such as Uber to make your user and holiday experience even smoother. CityMapper can organise your travel extremely efficiently and accurately. It allows you to choose your designated mode of transport. Displaying options such as ferries, uber, tram and tube and combining them altogether to get you where you need to be as efficiently as possible. Think of CityMapper as Google Maps x10!

Not only is CityMapper extremely helpful it also looks great! The app is bright and pleasing to look at, and just overall easy to use! You can even download train timetables and city maps, and use CityMapper to help you look for tourist activities to fill up your schedule!