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At Dreamr, we develop mobile apps. Your app will achieve higher performance when it is well supported by your internal web systems. We analyse your current systems to enable you to integrate your app’s data into your existing data management network. Our expert team of web developers will map the data flow from your app to your internal servers, ensuring that your systems are secure and are compliant with data protection legislation.

To ensure that we provide a high standard of data security, we follow ISO 27K series of best practice for Information Security Management Systems (ISMS). We adhere to OWASP top ten security threats and continually challenge our coding practices to improve speed, reliability, maintainability and security. We also provide advice and consultations on how to keep the app secure yet accessible to your existing IT support.

Where does all this data go?

We develop native apps for either Android or iOS operating systems. This means that your app can be used both online and offline as it can store data locally on your user’s device. But, when they do have internet access, your app will connect to a server to transfer data back to you. This is usually hosted at the back end of your website.

What is an API?

Apps use Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to communicate with your company’s internal servers. An API is a complex system of logic requests and responses built into your system. APIs receive and post logic requests and responses, then process these requests and send the appropriate data to the app. This part of your system is hidden from view in the backend of your website, away from your user-interface (UI).

At Dreamr, we know that there’s no one-size-fits-all; every client is different. We build custom APIs, tailored to our clients needs, which ensures your data transfer is efficient, reliable and secure.

The back-end infrastructure of your site dictates your app’s overall performance, and so it affects the user-experience. Our team of coding experts will adapt our API's to fit with your existing IT infrastructure to ensure that you have robust systems in place to cope with additional data generated by your app.

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